Whole Brain Optimization

Every child can excel to be the first rank in the field that he is challenged, has the ability of invention and the will to make a contribution to the world. It is a parent’s responsibility to raise a bright and talented child and to show him how it can be achieved. A child is perfect. How a parent loves a child can influence the quality of his life and his potential. Our task here is to reduce the stress and worry that parents have about raising children.

To develop a high quality child, it is important to examine both character formation and learning abilities as a wholesome approach to child rearing. The purpose of education is not to teach knowledge and skills but to create a well-balanced child with enormous abilities, rich creativity and the ability to use a huge proportion of the brain. These can only be achieved without stress and a right parent-child relationship.

The main characteristic of our program is its concentration on its whole-brain education which will build up a big dream in a child to contribute his best to this world.

We promote whole-brain education by developing the right brain and connecting it to the left-brain, allowing both sides of the brain to work together in balance. The right brain is the more important hemisphere to influence the quality of the left-brain. For example, the right brain enables the child to learn subconsciously as well as enable the brain to be able to automatically process large amounts of information at high speed whereas the left-brain is able only to process small amounts of information at low speed.

If the brain is well nurtured, the child will develop a great vision about learning and can handle any challenges with ease for the rest of his life. Further on in life, it will be more difficult to modify the learning capability.

Today, the 21st Century is called the Century of the Brain. It is the time to learn how we can bring up a child with less stress, more joy and in a successful manner. Our nation can then have many capable and useful citizens with a strong commitment to serve society and to serve with a great heart and positive mindset.

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