Quantum Speed Reading

qsr-pageQuantum Speed Reading (QSR) is the ability to extract information from a book by touching it, smelling it, listening to it, and fanning the pages.

QSR is one of the child’s natural talents or abilities once he is through with our program. This is done by rapidly flipping through the pages of a book. No emphasis is placed on reading the written word. The vibrations coming from the book are perceived and converted into colors and then images. The images can be seen and the content instantly understood. It is like the analogy of the blind man and the elephant. A sighted man can instantly see and know that it is an elephant before him. A blind man must painstakingly feel, smell and sense to reach the same conclusion.

Some of the benefits of QSR:

  • Better understanding of concepts.
  • Improves memory and sharpen concentration.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A new approach towards life.
  • Positive attitude and Confidence.
  • Mind control tools for a bright future.
  • Information processing increases many times.